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Platform for Successfully Changing Careers

Joblytics takes the guesswork out of career pivoting. By analyzing real-time market data at scale, Joblytics provides early professionals with a detailed look into their core skills gaps, and a personalized plan for how to close them.

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How It Works

Joblytics analyzes thousands of job postings every day. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), we are able to get a deep understanding of the skills required to succeed in your goal job. Then, we calculate the optimal batch of online courses to close those gaps as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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Take an Assessment

Tell us about your current skill set and career goals

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Find your Skill Gaps

Joblytics will identify the most important skills you need to break into your dream job

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Get a Personalized Recommendation

We’ll curate a personalized set of classes to close your skill gaps & get you interview ready

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Taking the Joblytics skills assessment

First, we understand your current skill set

Each person’s experiences and skill set is unique. You’ll start by filling out a short quiz designed to gather information about your current skill set and goals.

Through Natural Language Processing and Data Science, Joblytics removes guesswork out of the equation: we’ll figure out exactly how close you are to your goal career.

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Next, we create a personalized learning plan

Joblytics crawls thousands of job postings and courses across the web. Through NLP techniques, we can pinpoint exactly which skills are in demand, and which skills each course teaches.

We recommend courses that are time efficient, cost effective, and above all, teach you what you need to know!

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A list of companies that your skills match up with

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Finally, we bring the recruiters to you

By matching your new skill set to actual jobs in the field, recruiters can reach out to the most fitting candidates directly.

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